As a traveller, Arwa farms was exactly what I was looking for, being away from the city, simple home cooked taste organic meals by the locals, clean air and early mornings greet as you are woken up by the call of the birds, the clucking of the hens, crowing of the roosters. Arwa farms is a place, which calms your nerves, takes you closer to the mother nature. I found everything I was looking – Arwa farms.

Mr Fawzan is the owner of the farm who is the photographer in a corporate industry for almost 2 decades. It was my bad luck that I couldn’t meet him the day i visited but when we had a conversation with him over the phone I felt the positive vibes. He is very humble and kind. His creativity of designing of the home and the selection of the wooden showpieces, vintage telephones, quirky displays, artifacts and artistic sense is clearly visible. This farm created is with mud, wooden and every other nature friendly material.

At the entrance of this farm there is a place to sit and relax. On the entrance they have rooms on the right side which are very earthy, neat and comfortable. There are many rooms which can accommodate a group in a single room and also a separate room for couples. The kitchen is on the left where they cook and serve food in Pottery.

They have a terrace on the first floor which is windy, spacious and perfect for chilling, having drinks and dinner. Since it is a Eco friendly accommodation no air conditions were available.. but we didn’t quite need them as the weather was amazing too !

They have built a Machan at a tree top level which offers magnificent view with a greenery all around. As a quick tip, I’d first say- don’t rely only on the pictures- the Machan is one of those places that is better when experienced with a loved one, and even the most beautiful pictures of it cannot do it any justice.

The area of this farm is 7 acres which is surrounded by trees. There are more than 700 trees of different varieties. Fruits, flowers, veggies everything is naturally grown here.

We had an organic food made by local Maharashtrian with most ingredients sourced from the farm. They serve what is grown in the farm. We really enjoyed gorging on bhendi sabji with Bhakar, Dal and rice smoked in a matka on firewood and many more lip smacking delicious cuisine. I am sure we ended up overeating.

My blog would be incomplete without mentioning the friendly and support staff, who always extended their service and help whenever needed by the guests. Staffs are totally puts in their heart to make the guests feel welcome, comfortable and “Happy”.

A distant mooing of the cow, the constant pecking of the woodpecker against the bark of the trees, the sweet smell of flowers, the gentle rustle of the leaves from the mango trees, the smell of burning firewood, the tingling sensation on the tongue when you taste the fresh water… if this is not Happiness.. then what is !

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

That was exactly our state of mind as we left the slice of Heaven called “Arwa farms”. Feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this gem and staying there for 2 days.
Kudos and heartfelt thanks to Mr Fawzan for opening up their little paradise to guests where we get to experience the real farm life. If you are looking to get out of the city, stay in a location that is a bit of a struggle to get to, and reconnect with nature? Then this should top your list.


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